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Womens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Trainer Grey/Pink

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91% of 668 customers recommend

Womens Nike Free 5.0 V4 Trainer Grey/Pink
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MOVE THE WAY YOU WERE MEANT TO Nike Free technology puts less shoe between your
foot and the ground, allowing your feet to move more
naturally—the way they were meant to.
The Nike Free team spent eight years
studying the biomechanics of runners'
feet in motion. The result is a footwear
technology designed for natural movement.
Newer styles feature hexagonal grooves
hot-knife cut into the outsole, creating six
different flex points that allow your foot
to move more naturally than ever before.
The heels of Nike Free running
shoes mimic the shape of
your foot, rolling with the ground
to promote a more natural footstrike.


Nike Free running shoes allow your feet to move any
way they want, while delivering the cushioning they
need, for a more natural run.



Nike Free women’s training shoes are
designed for natural movement in any direction.



Nike Free men’s training shoes are designed
for natural movement in any direction.



  • Carrol Hemberger

    2015-04-02 02:24:50
    I've been using the Free model for a couple of years as my "walk-around" shoes (never during workouts). Love them for when I just want to throw on a pair of comfortable sneakers. The design I think remains fresh and clean.

  • Jennie Sturtz

    2015-03-25 02:07:58
    Very happy with my purchase. Everything was as expected, quality, packaging, delivery was actually earlier than thought it was going to be. Size was right on also.

  • Elisha Sanflippo

    2015-03-25 02:05:11
    Great Shoes That Benefit from Superior Heel Support. A Really Nice Rubber Heel And Sole For Solid Grip. Nike Usually Gets It Right In Running Shoes All The Time. Best of the lot till date!!!

  • Divina Felling

    2015-03-31 01:56:03
    Normally I only wear running shoes when I going to work out or go for a hike but I have barely taken these shoes off in the two weeks that I've had them! I do want to say, however, that I am not a runner so this review is based on walking, hiking, exercising, and bopping around town.

  • George Herrada

    2015-04-10 02:18:23
    Noce and confortable I love the bright colors of these shoes. They fit just as I expected. I'm a loyal customer of the Nike Free (Run and Trainer) line of athletic shoes.

  • Dion Kihlstrom

    2015-03-25 01:59:20
    These sneakers are comfortable and light. Great for everyday walking. I will probably wear these as my everyday walking and working out shoe. Bought a 1/2 size larger and it fit perfectly.

  • Luther Banks

    2015-04-09 02:17:44
    Love the look and the comfort of the sole but the shoe runs very large. I've never had this problem with Nike sizing before I've been wearing Nike for 20 years.

  • Jennie Velilla

    2015-03-30 02:19:41
    Great fit. Very comfortable, Great flex and light weight, Fits perfectly. I love it.

Nike Free shoes are specifically designed to let your feet move more naturally and freely than traditional athletic shoes. Because you'll be using some muscles in your feet more than you might be used to, it may take some time for them to get used to all that freedom. To give your feet time to adapt, we recommend you transition into using your Nike Free footwear gradually. As you increase the use of your Nike Frees, you may experience some muscle soreness, just like when you exercise other muscles in your body. This shows that your Nike Frees are working. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently, so your progress may be different than others wearing Nike Free. And of course, running and training in any footwear is never without some risk of injury. So listen to your body, your trainer and your physicianand don't feel bad if you need to stop or rest if necessary. After all, we want you to run Free and train Free- but we also want you to run and train smart.

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